Technically PVP ep 107: Boomkins 8.3

Ep 107 was a fun discussion with Vezir!  He prefers to play balance druids in PVP, and joined Gerissar to discuss this spec, and all its nuances!  Plus, Vezir and Gerissar tackled all the recent news that had happened since our previous episode, including the tragic loss of a renowned podcast and a well loved streamer.  Vezir also shared what it is like to play in the AWC cup qualifiers!

You can catch Vezir on twitter, or on his stream!  He also has a discord!  Links for these and his youtube can be found here:

Unfortunately, Andallyn and Windstead were unable to attend the recording of this episode, but we expect to hear all about their antics on our next episode!

Until next time, keep pushing your gameplay; keys, CR, or whatever you like to do in Azeroth!

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