We are always on the lookout for new talent to join our ranks here at Warcraft Radio! We are a team of regular people just like you who share a passion for gaming and entertainment. Below we’ve listed a number of volunteer positions that we are actively looking to add to our team right now. If you see something that peaks your interest, please get in touch!

Warcraft Radio is a passion project for all of us, reflecting our love for the Warcraft universe. Since our beginning in 2004 our entire team has consisted of volunteers, with many of us going on to use the skills learned on Warcraft Radio in our professional careers. We know you will enjoy working with our team, and hope you will join us!



If you are a content creator that is interested in joining our brand, or are eager to introduce a new show to the world, we invite you to join our media family!


  • Creative Team

Warcraft Radio is looking for an animator to work on a currently unannounced project. Candidates should have knowledge of animation and use of the Adobe Suite of products. Please submit a demo reel of your previous work if applicable.

Warcraft Radio is looking for experienced film editors whom can take charge and edit filmed live content for various shows and features. 

Warcraft Radio is looking for a 2D artist whom is capable of adapting their work to various styles. Candidates should have knowledge and ability to work in the Adobe Suite of products. Primary responsibilities will be working on a unannounced project creating character animation sheets. Other responsibilities may include various art pieces for other on going projects.

Warcraft Radio is looking for additional Graphic Designers that are familiar with the Adobe Suite of products. Responsibilities will range dramatically from week to week and will primarily involve creating graphical assets for various on going and unannounced projects. Please submit some of your previous work if applicable!

Warcraft Radio is looking for additional motion graphics artists to help spread the work load of our motion graphics team. Applicants should have experience in the Adobe suite of products.

  • Content Creators

We firmly believe that there is a shortage of quality Warcraft content, particularly in the live-streaming space. Warcraft Radio seeks to promote quality live-streaming content, which may or may not always translate to the podcast medium. If you have an idea for a show, please get in touch with us to pitch your show concept. If you would like to vet your show concept first, feel free to send us a well written show proposal that is at least one full page. We will eventually require a 30-minute recording, demonstrating your production value and ability to keep an audience engaged. You may also link us to videos of prior streaming or YouTube content if you feel that these reflect your best work. If you are engaging with an audience and your production value needs work, please still submit a demo! We are here to help with production value by providing you with film editors, artists, programmers, and a team that wants to see you be successful – but we cannot make you more entertaining.

Entertaining show hosts cannot make the magic happen week in and week out without your help! The Production Assistant works with a specific show to help curate weekly content, assist with moderating Twitch chat during their assigned show, screen incoming callers and Q&A questions, and other show needs as needed by the Show Host(s). Production Assistants are the backbone of Warcraft Radio’s shows and allow our Show Hosts to focus on being entertaining.
  • Development Team

Warcraft Radio is looking for LAMP stack developers with experience developing for the WordPress platform. Primary responsibilities will be to create, modify, maintain and improve website functionality. Proficiency in PHP, JSON and MYSQL is a plus, as well as experience with Java, CSS or Frontend development.

Warcraft Radio is seeking a talented UI Mod developer to build UI mods in retail and classic World of Warcraft to help support our community. If you have experience building UI Mods for WoW, please reach out to us and provide examples of UI Mods that you have previously built.

  • Marketing Team

Warcraft Radio is seeking Marketing Assistants to help manage our Social Media channels. Prior experience managing Twitter, Facebook Groups, and Instagram is a plus. Meme-lording experience is a requirement!

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