It’s Always Sunny in Pastaland?

Hello everyone! We’re joined by the awesomest of the most awesome pair of creators, the legendary Quissy and PastaFace! We’ve had the honor of meeting and hanging out with Quissy (@QuissyTV) and PastaFace (@ThePastaFace) at PAX East and BlizzCon and we’re so excited to have them on as guests today! The episode is jam packed with so many topics! We find out which of the Golden Girls we all are as well as catch up with Quissy and PastaFace’s adventures in World of Warcraft: Classic and what that journey has been like for them. Stream Elements published their yearly growth analytics for the major streaming platforms, so we all jumped at the chance to dissect them and weigh in on some of the shockers. We also had the chance to chat about the new Torments system being added to Torghast in Shadowlands and why preemptively overreacting to features in Alpha isn’t always a good thing.

Thank you again to Quissy and PastaFace for taking the time to join us, we’re happy to see your channel’s growth and even happier to be able to call you friends!

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